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Invisalign Treatment Procedure and Advantage over Other Methods

A beautiful smile is contributed by healthy teeth and gums and proper positioning of teeth. It is much simpler to clean teeth that are well positioned. If your teeth are not positioned properly, it is not too late to change the situation by straightening your teeth. Invisalign is one of the methods that are used to straighten teeth. Invisalign involves the use of aligners which are clear and can be customized to meet your specifications. The use of aligners is convenient since they are removable in case you want to eat or brush your teeth.

Straightening your teeth can be embarrassing, and therefore you would want anyone to realize. Aligners are clear, and this makes it hard for someone to notice that you are going through the teeth straightening procedure. For a successful invisalign treatment, you need to ensure that the dentist Griffiths Simister is qualified and experienced enough to offer the service. Once you have identified a qualified orthodontist and secured an appointment, he will first examine the condition of your teeth to ascertain if the procedure is appropriate. Depending on the examination results from your teeth, the orthodontist will be able to establish a treatment plan that best suits your teeth.

From the pictures of your teeth taken, he will develop aligners that fit your teeth. The first set of aligners is required to be worn for about two weeks at all times except when brushing and eating. The aligners will be changed after every two weeks until the teeth are straightened.  During the period of invisalign treatment, you should maintain your oral health and take good care of the aligners. The aligners are cleaned by gently brushing them and rinsing with warm water or using the cleaning kit provided by the orthodontist. If you are involved in sporting activities, you should put on a mouth guard to protect not only the aligners but also your teeth.

Wearing of aligners is not as cumbersome as the braces. This is because invisalign treatment does not require regular tightening and the use of wires and brackets as in the case of braces.

The use of aligners does not limit the kinds of foods that you can take. This is because they can be removed at meal times to allow you to eat freely without worrying about interfering with the treatment. However, eating the aligners on can compromise the treatment that might force you to revisit your doctor. It is no doubt that the best way to straighten your teeth is through the invisalign technology here.

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